We Honor Children

The Sheepscot Valley Children’s House, founded in 1983, is a private school for children aged between twelve months and seven years. Located in Wiscasset, the school greets approximately 50 children from throughout the Midcoast region each year.

We welcome children to learning — about themselves, other people, the arts, nature, and the world. We emphasize respect for oneself and others and reverence for the human spirit as well as the intellect. We provide a nurturing, stimulating and happy environment where children are guided toward the pleasure of learning, sometimes in the company of friends and teachers, sometimes quietly on their own.

The Sheepscot Valley Children’s House is in many ways a family as well as a school. For many people, the community of parents who share in and care for it becomes an important part of the Sheepscot Valley experience.

If you have a child who would enjoy this unique school, we encourage you to call or email us for more information or to arrange a visit.

Who We Are

Sheepscot Valley Children’s House is a Montessori and traditional private school that overlooks the Sheepscot River in Wiscasset. Each classroom emits a warm feeling as the sun glows through the skylights. The classes consist of mixed ages to add a sort of family dynamic, where younger children learn from the older kids. It’s learning through everything we do. We learn through nature. We learn through art. We learn about life, and socialization is the big piece of it.