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Designing Castles in Art Class

Our PreK-Kindergarten students are designing castles through collage in Mr. Cotton’s art class. They’ll be working toward 3D models!

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100th Day Celebration!

It’s the 100th Day of School @ SVCH!! Thank you for the variety of items to count and share. We made crowns, played counting games and we even spread some kindness to the birds!

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All About Maine

There are so many wonderful things happening in our Preschool classrooms. Lacing beads to create snow flakes, making tracks in the playdough with different animals we see in Maine, practicing writing skills by tracing lines on a "lobster bouy". They love the many interesting facts about Maine!

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Learning about the Arctic in the Preschool Classroom

Today our preschoolers watercolor painted. Some of them painted what they would love to do if we get some more snow! We are learning about Antarctica and wildlife. We are incorporating our Arctic theme in games and sensorial activities that include sequencing, counting, matching and the Montessori Knobless cylinders.

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Winter Art Show

Thank you to Jeff Cotton for hosting the winter art show! Jeff has been teaching art with the PreK/K classroom and we are so proud of the wonderful and creative art work the children have produced. Here’s a peek.....

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Color, Textures, and Fine Motor Fun

It’s never too early to work on fine motor skills! Look at the toddlers exploring with color and texture.

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Shooting into Space with the PreK/K Classroom

A constellation is a picture made from the stars. Look at the kids explore and make their own constellations! 

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Shapes are all around us!

Shapes are all around us! Look at how these preschoolers can use circles, rectangles and squares to make fire trucks!

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Learning Letters with Miss Vicky

We are wrapping up our study of winter animals. Those that hibernate and those that don't with a look at snakes. The children made snake tracks and learned that snakes stay warm by clustering themselves together during the winter.  We are introducing a new letter of the week, G! The class loves to play "what [...]

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The Wonder of Childhood

The expressions of these toddlers show it all: their happiness, their concentration and their wonder!  Check out the adventures and explorations of the children in Miss Kristy's and Miss Alicia's Toddler Classroom.

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